Megamind AV’s integrated audio visual solutions are increasingly being specified in residential projects where the complete harmonisation of building technologies demands a cohesive approach to home automation.

Home Theatres :

Experience breathtaking images and dynamic surround sounds of your favourite movies and TV programs like never before.

Home Theatres 1Home Theatres 2

TV Installations :

The wall-hanging style helps TVs to blend in with room interiors. Safety is paramount for any family with children; wall mounted TV’s inspire confidence in the safety of your home.

TV Installations 1TV Installations 2

Audio Visual Consultancy :

Independent technical consultancy specialising in audio visual technologies for residential applications.

AV Consultancy 1AV Consultancy 2

Smartwire :

When building your new home, it’s important to determine the best foundation for your family’s needs. Megamind Audio Visual can design and install smartwire infrastructure that is affordable, scalable and NBN compliant.

Smartwire 1Smartwire 2